About Us

Every child has the right to an education. That’s why we work closely with people in The Gambia to build schools and education centres, supply learning resources and establish sponsorship programmes.

We also work with women to improve the well-being and health of their families by installing vegetable gardens and wells and kick-starting businesses. The profits are injected back into their communities, for example, to send children to school.

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The charity’s work began in 1990 when Mae Winterton, the charity founder, visited The Gambia on holiday. She saw children learning to read and write by drawing in the dusty ground under a tree and wanted to do something to help.

After returning with as many books and pencils as she could fit into her suitcase, she began working with locals in The Gambia to build schools. Now, 18 schools have been built across the Gambia, providing at least 3,600 children with an education.


The easiest way to support Schools for Gambia is by making a much needed and appreciated donation. £5 could buy a school uniform, £10 could buy rice to feed a family for two weeks, or £30 could buy 50 bricks to help build a school. You can donate here today.

If you are interested in funding a project, such as a well or school, in a loved one’s memory please contact us.

You can volunteer for the charity by fundraising individually or with your school, church or community group or by becoming an ambassador (recommended for sixth formers and students).